Together to achieve development of the Hispanic Community in Minnesota. 

With my effort and yours, we can improve the quality of life for many families in our community. 

We invite our readers and organizations working for immigrants to send us useful information for our Hispanic community.


Welcome to our page dedicated especially for you. We hope you find the help you need and you can enjoy the benefits and opportunities offered by PUSH.





You will find on this page, among others, contact support for health, education, housing, immigration, consumer rights, taxation, social security and benefits, etc





Some of our services Connection:


  • Facilitation and coordination between agencies and community 

  • Information about programs and social services 

  • Information Consulates 

  • Information for health care 

  • News Community interest 

  • Charitable services 

  • Program Back to School  

  • Educational programs on immigration law, finance and others. 


Do you want to be a volunteer?

Connecting the Hispanic Community

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